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CINX is an easy-to-use web site for today’s Plumbing/Mechanical contractors. It provides access to the industry’s most extensive catalog of items, tools for managing content, material purchasing, and integration with trade software systems.

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Complete Purchasing Solution From creating material requisitions to approving vendor invoices.

Removes manual data entry and drives improved operations.

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Requisitions from the field, shop, or office can be used to initiate the procurement of products.
· Import from other systems
· Include important pack ‘n’ tag information
· Assign to a team member for review, approval and processing
· Easily convert to an RFQ or PO
Request product pricing from wholesale distributors using CINX’s Request for Quotation feature.
· Create on-demand, pick items from a project, import from another system
· Easily convert a requisition into a RFQ
· Send to multiple vendors with one click
· Define Respond By Date
Integrate vendor pricing and availability information into your procurement workflows
· Apply quoted pricing to project items
· One-click conversion of a vendor Quote to a PO
· Compare multiple vendors quotes
· View availability information and manage expiration dates
· View list of expected quotes
Manage product order
lead-times to ensure
on-time deliveries.
· Track lead time days and order by dates
· Filter lead-times by project or vendor
· Intuitive Lead-Time Log
· Dashboard analytic/notification
Issue and manage digital purchase orders with transactable content.
· Easily convert a requisition, RFQ or vendor quote into a new PO
· Use Project work-breakdowns to create a PO
· Include Job Costing information and export to ERP
· Define Packaging, Delivery, Taxable, Substitutions Allowed attributes
· Define shipping charges, vendor fees, and credits
· Define transaction validations and field defaults
· Track related events at the item level?
Easily track back-orders with full visibility to all team members
· Easily enter updates from vendors about the back-order
· Back-Order Log details all relevant status information
· View Days Late, Expected Delv Date and Days Left
· Filter back-orders by project or vendor
Vendor delivery receiving is fully integrated with orders and project items
· Easily create a new delivery by selecting the order number
· Receive All or only selected rows
· Purchase Order and project items are updated when items received
· Enter comments and upload photos
Manage vendor invoices to ensure accurate billings
· Vendor invoice information easily updated
· Compare invoice values against order values
· Auto-generate or manually enter discrepancies
· Track early pay discounts and due dates
· Upload vendor documents
Process returns for unneeded products
· Request and manage RMAs
· Define Return Codes and Actions to be used when returning products
· Create packing slips and return reports
· Enter Credit %, Credit Price, Restocking Fees and other charges
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Simplify Project Material Management Tasks

Simplifying Project Material
Management Tasks

Transactions withIntegrated Vendors

  • Ensure vendors have the right stock
  • Enable Just-In-Time deliveries
  • More accurate ordering with fewer returns
  • Fewer trips to branches for missing items
  • More productive labor

Project Monitoring &Spend Management

  • Define or import job cost setup
  • Apply job costings to project items
  • Track costs versus budgeted values
  • Track spend at cost code and phase levels


  • Auto-apply catalog Spec Sheets
  • Upload new documents
  • Track statuses
  • Auto-generate submittal packages
  • Email delivery to recipients

Industry Content Catalogs centralized in one, easy-to-use online location.

  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Use in Transactions, BOMs & Assemblies
  • Add to Projects
  • Use in Private Catalog of Materials
  • Exports

Create a Data Warehouse of items with transactable content to electronically connect your business systems

  • Drag and drop items to build your catalog
  • Add and maintain your own private items
  • Define company product ids and descriptions
  • Manage pricing

  • Schedule updates for other linked systems
  • Create on-demand exports
  • Link via the HPH API 
  • Organize products using user-defined lines

Standardize the products you bid, design, procure, and install.