Extensive catalog of materials for the Plumbing, Mechanical and related industries.  Can be used when estimating, specifying, ordering, installing, and billing projects. Continuously updated and distributed.


Web solutions for contractors to manage their materials, customers, vendors, and projects. Integration with leading trade software systems and links to wholesale distributors to automate material transactions.


Price and labor services for contractor estimating and modeling systems. Custom services for material catalog development and on-boarding services for contractors and distributors.

Transactable Content

Since 1965, the HPH Item Codes have been providing a reliable system to identify products.  Trusted by the trade’s leading software developers, the HPH Item Code is widely used. The codes are manufacturer specific, never change, and do not suffer the same challenges as UPC numbers.

HPH Item Codes provide the Industry a reliable product identifier that can be used to exchange data between systems.

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Integrating the Material Supply Chain

Contractor Autodesk Model
ID: ADSK_30107213
Transactable HPH Item Code: 128ML9056

Integrating the Material Supply Chain - copy

Contractor Purchase Order
ID: MV-BA-485B1.5
Transactable HPH Item Code: 128ML9056

Integrating the Material Supply Chain - Slide 3

Distributor ERP
ID: 1.5-BA485B
Transactable HPH Item Code: 128ML9056

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Integrating the Material Supply Chain
Integrating the Material Supply Chain - copy
Integrating the Material Supply Chain - Slide 3
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Integrating theMaterial Supply Chain

Integrating the Material Supply Chain and modernizing material management using Transactable Content. Removing manual processes between internal applications and material vendors. Eliminate errors and ensure vendors have materials on hand to provide Just-In-Time deliveries.


Construction Information Network & Exchange

Providing an integrated purchasing platform that connects project teams, accounting, and material distributors. Features transactions, material catalogs, pricing management, labor units, and project submittals. Learn more.

  • Access to HPH and Labor Unit Catalogs
  • Build, Maintain, Output Custom Catalog of Materials
  • Manage Customers and Vendors
  • Transactions and Material Management
  • Project Spend Management
  • Project Submittals

Just $9.99/user per month

for standard, stand-alone service.


Providing the industry with standardized electronic exchange capabilities. Allows software systems and wholesale distributors to connect using straightforward technology without the expense or hassle of traditional EDI VANs.

SaaS solution for connecting with contractors and routing electronic transactions.

Transactions use your own IDs and are inserted directly into your ERP system.

Cross-referenced to the
HPH Item Codes to create
Transactable Content.

Enhance your solutions with electronic transactions with wholesale distributors.

Leverage the HPH Item Codes and easy to use API to automate workflows.

Pricing Service for Estimating Software

HPH provides current list pricing for over 3 MILLION items and 600+ manufacturers.

Software Systems

HPH has partnered with the leading contractor estimating software system developers.

Price Updates

Manufacturer price changes are processed and then released in updates for partner software systems.

Flexible Outputs

Proprietary systems? No problem. We have a variety of integration and update options.