for Wholesale Distributors

Integrating Contractor Transactions with your ERP System

The HPH Pipeline delivers wholesale distributors an unmatched level of integration with contractor customers. Using HPH’s transactable content, the Pipeline offers a fully automated, two-way transaction platform.

How It Works

Contractor submits transactions from
their internal business systems

  • Expand your e-commerce capabilities.
  • Work with customers using most any industry software system.
  • No software to install, update, manage.
  • Your Sales Team work in your ERP - No new software to learn.

Transactions entered into distributor
ERP for processing and fulfillment

Eliminate Manual Data Lookup and Entry Processes

Make Your Sales Team Happy

  • Increase sales and commissions
  • Automate quote preparation 
  • Be the first quote back to the customer
  • Automate order entry
  • Lessen costly and frustrating issues:
    • Data entry errors
    • Back-Orders/Multiple deliveries
    • Returns
    • PO and invoice discrepancies
  • Reduce calls from the customer
  • Focus on other value-add tasks
  • Eliminate multiplier requests

Make Your Customers Happy

Service is the new sales. Satisfied customers.

Transactions electronically integrated into their systems

Quotes returned more quickly – first back

Accurate order processing – reduced errors

Better availability and
lead-time information

On-time deliveries and
fewer back-orders

Fewer trips to the counter
to pick up items

Invoice discrepancies reduced and quicker payments

Eliminate time spent
checking on issues

Make your bottom line happy

  • Increased customer sales
  • Reduced customer servicing costs
  • More accurate customer transactions
  • Shortened invoice to payment cycle
  • Fewer deliveries / Reduced carbon footprint 
  • Maintain accurate stock levels / Fewer special orders
  • Fewer back-orders and returns
  • Lower customer acquisition cost

Are you a distributor looking to work with HPH?

If you are a distributor looking to decrease the time and costs associated with the current process, free up sales staff, and connect with your customers, then contact HPH to learn more.

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What does it cost?

The Pipeline uses a SaaS approach with fees payable only when transactions are delivered to your ERP system.  Fees are based on the Service Level selected. For more information, email pipeline@harrisonpub.com or call 800.890.0820.