The HPH Pipeline delivers wholesale distributors an unmatched level of integration with contractor customers. Using HPH’s transactable content, the Pipeline is able to offer a fully automated 2-way transaction platform. 

A Trifecta using the HPH Pipline or something? thoughts?

Sales Team

Eliminate ___ (non value added)? activities for your sales team


Help your customers be more efficient and ________

Company Executives

Grow your bottom line.  Increase your share of the contractors’ wallet, loyalty…?

Make Your Sales Team Happy

Eliminate Manual Data Lookup and Entry Processes

  • Increase Sales and Commissions
  • Automate quote preparation 
  • Be the first quote back to the customer
  • Automate customer order entry
  • Lessen costly and frustrating issues:
    • Data entry errors
    • Back-Orders/Multiple Deliveries
    • Returns
    • PO and Invoice Discrepancies
  • Reduce calls from the customer
  • Focus on other value-add tasks
  • ELIMINATE multiplier requests

Make Your Customers Happy

Service is the new sales. Satisfied customers.

Transactions and information that can be electronically integrated into their systems

Quotes returned more quickly – first back

Accurage order processing – reduced errors

Better availability and
lead-time information

On-time deliveries
Fewer back-orders

Fewer trips to the counter
to pick up items

Invoice discrepancies reduced

Eliminate time spent
checking on issues

Make your bottom line happy

  • Increased customer sales
  • Reduced customer servicing costs
  • More accurate customer transactions
  • Shortened invoice to payment cycle
  • Fewer deliveries / Reduced carbon footprint 
  • Maintain accurate stock levels / Fewer special orders
  • Fewer Back-Orders and Returns
  • Lower customer acquisition cost