Content Distribution and Integration for Your Consumers

Since 1912, HPH has been working with leading manufacturers in the Plumbing and Mechanical industry to distribute their product information to contractors and wholesale distributors. Content is standardized and then formatted for inclusion in industry software systems.

Today HPH has 3.3 Million items from +600 manufacturers in our catalog of content.

Getting Started

Listing products in the HPH Plumbing & Mechanical catalog is FREE and requires minimal information. After initially created, HPH provides ongoing maintenance and updates to items in the catalog.  For example, when new List Prices are released we will process the prices and publish new updates.

To get started please email, or call 800.890.0820.

Basic content materials to create your listing:
  • Product Catalog
  • Product Price List
Ongoing content maintenance materials:
  • Updated Price Lists
  • New and Discontinued Product announcements
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Supported Content Types

HPH provides a variety of product content types to the trade. Original manufacturer content is augmented with original HPH data to help identify and classify products. Labor units from industry associations are also added to the items to support contractor project estimating.

Product Id & Classification

Standard database content to identify and manage an item.
  • Part Numbers
  • HPH Codes
  • UPC and GTIN
  • Descriptions
  • Product Classifications

Price & Labor

All content required to bid, buy and invoice project materials
  • Manufacturer List Prices
  • Net and Sell Prices
  • Vendor Integrations
  • Industry Labor Units

Technical & Marketing

Links to manufacturer provided documentation
  • Specification sheets
  • Installation Instructions
  • SDS
  • Warranties
  • Brochures

Packaging & Logistics

Packaging and shipping information for logistical planning and management.
  • Dimensions
  • Weights
  • Ordering Attributes
  • Packaging Attributes

3D CAD/BIM Content

While HPH does NOT develop 3D CAD content, we do partner with the leading content developers in North America.

As more and more contractors are using BIM, it is important that product CAD files used by engineers and contractors are populated with HPH’s transactable content.

Contact HPH at to inquire about developers that can provide the necessary CAD files.

Promoting Industry Integration withTransactable Content

HPH works with all the leading estimating and CAD systems used by today’s contractors. By inserting our HPH Item Codes in the databases used by these systems, HPH can facilitate workflows between software systems. This includes the submission of material transactions to wholesale distributors.

Get your products defined earlier in the preconstruction process to ensure that they are ordered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to list our products?


What content must be provided?

No formal requirements. Current product catalogs and price sheets are helpful.

Who are your customers?

Contractors, wholesale distributors, large general contractors, mechanical engineers, and government entities.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1912.

Do you work with trade software companies and services?

All leading trade software vendors. Click here to view a complete list.

What countries do you provide services?

Primarily North America.

Are GTINs (formerly UPC Numbers) required?

No. However, we will list them if you have them assigned.

Are you an official GDSN Data Pool?


What is the difference between you and a GDSN Data Pool?

HPH does not have any data requirements or charge any fees. We also work with participants from all segments of the design and construction processes.

What types of information do you maintain?

Any information you can provide such as descriptive, attributes, packaging, price, labor units, URLs to tech and marketing documents, and classifications.

How often do you update the catalog?

Every day.

Is there a limit to the number of changes we can submit?