REVIT add-in now available from HPH

Autodesk Revit Fabrication
Autodesk Revit modeling software

HPH now offers an add-in for Autodesk’s REVIT platform!

Using HPH’s add-in and data, your team can easily provide reports and send transactions directly to your distributors from your Revit model.

Some key functionality includes:

  • Utilizes the .itm content (from prod info), replicated to “the cloud”.  All information/functionality is in the cloud; nothing is done in Fabrication tables
  • Pricing (manufacturer list, vendor/pricing specific)
  • Labor (MCAA or PHCC)
  • RFQ / Quote /PO from the model direct to vendors  (direct to vendors, through HPH’s API to your vendor’s back office ERP)
  • Price/labor reports based on the model
  • Desktop App for those without a seat of REVIT!
  • Selection tool for pricing & labor of selected items in the model

REVIT – (Versions: 2022 – 2024)

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Contact HPH to learn more – 800.890.0820 or